Maddison Tebbutt

A Born Filmmaker

The second line is a lie. I most certainly wasn't born a filmmaker. My first films will tell you that. For a while, I thought I was born to be a doctor - like my mother- or a winemaker - like my father. Or maybe I was born to be a dancer, or an Olympic high diver, or a baker. All this while, whenever I listened to music and gazed out a car window I imagined the opening credits to an endless amount of movies. It took me 13 years to find filmmaking. But when I did finally find film, it changed my life forever. Below you will find a timeline of videos, each with their own backstory, and each a small piece in the continual evolution of my work as well as a link to my demo reel.


             TIMELINE IN MOTION 


Maddison 1 (250) 488 2213 : Ivy 1 (250) 809 9849

Penticton, BC, Canada

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