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The Domino Masquerade is very pleased to announce that the film is off to the races and is being shown in festivals all over the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom. The film most recently won at the Gold Movie Awards in London, U.K. for best production design and best no budget film. The film has won best costume design at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and best student screenplay and best student film at the European Cinematography Awards. Check out the film's Facebook page for more behind the scenes.


The Darlings is set to show at the Snakebite Film Festival in the home town of the Domino Masquerade this fall as the opening for the festival. 

The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) reviewed the film after it was part of the official section for the month of April. READ THE REVIEW BELOW. 

Premiere Night

On March 7th, the Landmark Cinema lobby in the small town of Penticton was flooded with friendly faces as The Darlings film premiere began. The smell of popcorn wafted through the air as the audience took their seats to enjoy the first feature film produced by Domino Masquerade Studios. 90 minutes later and with smiles of relief and excitement, the Domino Masquerade joined close family and friends for a charming after party hosted by Theo's Restaurant. Domino Masquerade Studios wishes to thank the Okanagan community for their continuous and loving support in the making of this film.




“ It has been a while since we’ve seen such a good dialogue in a movie depicting an era that was quite different in terms of language.”


“I did not expect a 90 minute feature film, nor did I expect the level of professionalism in cinematography, sound, set design and locations.”

Andrew Jakubeit (Penticton City Mayor)

“Stunning performances for the young girls.”



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